Diabetic footcare

Diabetic footcare

In general, it is observed that restricted blood flow to the foot area in diabetic patients, which results in loss of feet sensation. Hence it is critical to take care of the diabetic feet, as there are a lot of chances that feet may get an injury and may lead to gangrene/amputation. Hence foot inspection and foot protection are necessary. It is advised to inspect the foot on a regular basis. And use proper technical footwear like Dr. Cobbler.

Irrespective of the metabolism or sugar level of diabetic patients, it is observed that foot ulceration is a common hidden factor in diabetic patients.  Which is the root cause of gangrene hence, neglecting feet ulcer may be troublesome and need a necessary mechanism to manage foot Ulcer.  Montac Lifestyle is trying to reduce the risk of ulceration with Aloe fresh technology.

As we know the number of perspiration glands is higher on the foot area, hence experiencing more perspiration in the foot area. In the general foot, perspiration is higher in diabetic patients. Human perspiration is media for growth of Bacteria (Gram-positive, Gram-Negative and Multidrug resistance Bactria) are attacking an open wound and lead to gangrene if proper precaution is not taken. We have observed the rate of bacterial infections and Fungal Infections is more in Diabetic patients. Hence daily cleaning and washing of feet on a regular basis are recommended. Silver base anti-bacterial is very much effective in killing of mentioned bacteria and keep fresh all day!!

Montac Lifestyle has a perfect solution to take care of diabetic feet with a combination of Aloe fresh technology (Therapeutic Health Socks) and Dr. Cobbler footwear systems.

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