Therapeutic Health Diabetic Socks With FIR Technology _ Pack Of 1 & 2

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Montac Lifestyle has upgraded Therapeutic Health Socks to the next level with Healing Cell Bio-frequency Resonance System (HCB-FR). The mentioned socks are incorporated with patented plant extract base, non-toxic Far infrared ray’s emission.

Treated with Patented Silver technology I Aloe-vera I Quantum Energy (Nano Bio-energy)


FIR Socks Benefits 

  • Helps to deliver the nutrients in small particles to the cell quickly.
  • Helps to increase the heat energy by activating the cells of the body.
  • Helps to improve the blood circulation
  • Helps to increase the natural healing power.
  • Helps to relieve the pains.



  • Elegant design to provide optimum comfort & Protection
  • Comfort Top – gives less/no pressure on nerves.
  • Full-cushion lining, which was designed for easy and pain-free walking.
  • Terry Toe – Helps to reduce unnecessary skin irritation.
  • Honeycomb structure with ventilation side panel for improved air circulation
  • Y-Heel which keeps socks firmly in the place

Working principle


Wilhelm Wein (Novel prize winner) pronounced that FIR is the wavelength of 8~11 µm, the same wavelength of water, which consists of 70% of the human body. It increases heat energy by activating the clusters of the water molecules, and absorb the nutrients into the cell quickly. It also helps to circulate the blood in capillary blood vein and improve the metabolism by activating water molecules in the cells through energy resonance in the cells of the human body.


Therapeutic Health Diabetic Socks – A unique health Socks with Therapeutic action powered by Montac Lifestyle. Also treated with Aloe fresh Technology which gives a micro-encapsulated blend of nature’s finest Aloe-Vera. With friction or foot movement, the tiny microcapsules burst to release their contents during wear. So the benefit is gradually dispersing over time. The goodness of Aloe-Vera is the first line of defense in Diabetic Socks. It reduces the chances of Ulceration. It keeps skin hydrated and removes dead cells and makes skin super soft. Few of the patients are reported that cured cracked heels due to these socks. Aloe Vera infusion will long last for four months if we walk four hours/day.


As we know, a number of perspiration glands are more on the foot palm area. These perspiration glands are media for bacterial development and cause bad smell or infections. The second line of defense is natural patented pure silver antibacterial technology, which fights with harmful bacteria (Gram Positive, Gram-Negative, Aerobic, Anaerobic, and Multidrug-resistant) and keeps fresh all day. This is lasting technology and gives more than 99% of the anti-bacterial property after 50 home launderings.

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  1. Santosh dwivedi tikamgarh mp 8982598642

    A unique health Socks with Therapeutic action powered by Montac’s Aloe fresh Technolog.very good product with best result.

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