Bamboo Non-Terry Bath Towels

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Bamboo Non-Terry Bath Towels are made up of 100% Bamboo Fibre.

The towels, composed of naturally anti-bacterial bamboo fibers, restrict the accumulation of any kind of bacteria on its surface. This material is softer and absorbs moisture faster than other fabrics. The bamboo cloth is more comfortable and gentle than many manmade fibers and does not irritate the skin.


    •  QUICK ABSORBENT: Designed to be extra absorbent and fast drying In fact, they are known for absorbing up to 3-4 times as much water as regular cotton towels due to its hygroscopic nature and internal hollow fiber structure.
    •  SKIN PROTECTION: Blending Bamboo and Cotton adds natural antimicrobial qualities; making our towels hygienically superior for sensitive skin and allergies.
    •  ANTI ODOUR: Odour control through the natural anti-bacterial property of bamboo even after multiple days of use.
    •  EXTRA SOFT: Bamboo fiber is known for its softness. Cotton blended with Bamboo, making these towels the ultimate choice with softness, luxury, and warmth guaranteed.

Sizes of towel
Bath Towel: 30″x 60″ 


Montac Lifestyle uses a revolutionary 100% “Bamboo” fibre to make unique Bamboo Non-Terry Bath Towels for men & women, which is safe on skin and with extended performance. Bamboo Fibre regenerates cellulose fibre made from Bamboo Shutts. A cross-section of the bamboo fibre reveals various micro-gaps and holes. This unique structure assists with moisture absorption and ventilation, allowing bamboo bath towels to wick the moisture away.

Bamboo fibre has natural property of Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal. This will help to take care of odour causing bacteria/deodorant and irritating fungoes. At a microscopic level, bamboo fibre has a round and smooth surface. Because of this, it is very smooth and sits perfectly next to the skin.

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  1. Montac Lifestyle

    Got good experience of these towels.

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