Hospital Clothing And Safety Wear


VIROGUARD is enhanced with the goodness of silver technology that effectively neutralizes bacteria & infective viruses on contact up to 99%. The effect will be lasting up to 20 Home Laundering. Mentioned technology can be used on various articles like Designer outdoor Mask, Bed Linen (Hospital, Home and Hotel use), Hospital garments like (protective suits, cap, Shoe cover, and Cotton gloves, etc), School uniforms and Socks. Along with Virogaurd Technology, Montac offers various pro-health infusions like Neem, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Many More. Based on product end usage Montac applies various functionality finishes like Stain release, Water repellent/ Barrier proofing, cooling effects, and many more.


  • This silver treated doesn’t claim to prevent Infection/disease or imply any public health claim.
  • Tested textile articles as per AATCC100 modified for viruses.



VIROGAURD M95 fashion mask is a germfree technology for outdoor protective masks. Infused with Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial technology (EPA approved). It passes AATCC 100, MS2 bacteriophage tests. The Anti-bacterial & antiviral effect lasts till 50 Home launderings. Having an outer fashionable & protective layer with water resistance, which passes the AATCC 42 test (Level 1). This repels water droplets occurred during sneezing and coughing. Layer close to the skin is made up of 100% cotton with natural Aole-vera infusion. This helps to nourish and rejuvenate the skin naturally.

100% Cotton three-layer breathable and no static cling during use (Surface resistivity ASTM D – 257 (ohms/sq)<1X10 10) hence comfortable during wear. No irritation like Poly Propylene or SMS Nonwoven.