Benefits of cotton towels

It can be difficult to determine what bath towels work best for you and your family, with literally thousands of choices available in the market. There are various benefits of cotton towels.

Thus, there are a few things to take into consideration when finding the right bath towel. Above all, how is this towel going to feel against my skin? Here, how absorbent will the towel be? Then, how easily can this towel dry?

Why Cotton Towels?

Cotton fibres allow air to move by, keeping you cool enough during the day. Thus, they are breathable. Cotton is pretty darn cheap relative to luxury fabrics. Hence, cotton towels are also affordable. It’s ironic that among the most inexpensive choices available out there is the best fabric for your skin. It’s smooth, not itchy like fur, and like other synthetics, it’s not rigid. Cotton towels never irritate the skin in the wrong direction or rub it. A certain amount of comfort from your towel is assured with cotton.

Low Maintenance:-

All you have to do to take care of the cotton is simply wash it. Like, just throw it with detergent in the washer and take it for a spin.

Naturally chemical free:-

Cotton contains no chemicals whatsoever and is thus a natural commodity. Cotton is absorbent, unlike synthetic fabrics such as microfiber, with some natural texture built into the surface. But when used for some harder cleaning tasks, it’s also super handy, such as scraping some stubborn food waste from kitchen counters. When exfoliating in the shower or washing your face, this texture is helpful.

Types of Cotton:-

There are various types of cotton towels you will find in the market. These cotton towels are like Egyptian Cotton, Turkish Cotton, Pima Cotton, Organic Cotton and their benefits are as follows. This is also a one of the benefits of cotton towels.

Egyptian Towels:-

The fabric is highly durable and reasonably soft and has a feeling of luxury.  Towels will last a couple of years. It has a high absorbency and luxurious feeling list. These towels are High-GSM towels and are also heavier towels. For luxury hotels and spas, Egyptian cotton is the highly preferred choice.

Pima Towels:-

Often known by the “Supima” brand name. Pima Cotton is considered a superior fibre and renowned for its absorbency, strength, and resilience, grown in the American Southwest using the same plants as Egyptian cotton.

Turkish Towels:-

Turkish cotton, which is known for its extra-long fibres. This premium cotton is solely grown in the Turkish region. Turkish bath towels are carefully made from old cotton, which spins into strong, soft threads. These threads generate a lightweight final product which has super absorbent properties. Besides this, compared to the regular cotton towel, Turkish towels are long-lasting.


And also if compared to the regular cotton towels, Turkish towels are highly durable. These towels are not that superior compared with Egyptian towels but these Turkish towels can act as an alternative for the Egyptian towels. This also shows the benefits of cotton towels.

Organic Towels:-

Organic towels are made of a kind of fibres that can look and feel the same as regular cotton, but without the excess baggage and greater footprint of carbon. These organic cotton is derived from eco-friendly crops which are harvested using sustainable methods and do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Thus, these organic towels are also eco-friendly. And nowadays they are also getting popular due to having eco-friendly feature.

But the method of construction used for the yarn is important. The most popular approaches are below:

Ringspun:- It mixes the long and short-staple fibres and twists them tightly together to create a smoother and tougher yarn, unlike combed cotton. There is a more luxurious feel to the finished product than traditional combed cotton.

Combed:- To extract shorter threads and extra material, the fibres are combed, leaving only the longest, strongest and best quality cotton fibres to weave the final goods.

Terry:- These Towels use extra yarn to produce wider thread loops that result in a towel that is highly absorbent.

So, when you buy bath towels, there are many reasons why you should choose cotton as the fabric. Cotton towels require reduced maintenance and are available in a large variety of colours, sizes and designs.


Are cotton towels are good?

Cotton fibres make it possible for air to pass through, keeping you cool enough throughout the day. They are, therefore, breathable. Relative to luxury fabrics, cotton is pretty darn cheap. Cotton towels are, thus, inexpensive as well. They require less maintenance. Here, cotton guarantees a certain amount of comfort from the cotton towel.

What type of cotton is best for towels?

The best cotton for towels appears to be Turkish cotton. They’re absorbent, and they’re going to be soft enough to you when you dry your body. In comparison with Egyptian towels, Turkish towels are not that superior, but these Turkish towels can serve as an alternative to Egyptian towels.

What are the highest quality bath towels?

There are various towels available in the market but the highest quality towels are Egyptian towels. But Turkish towels are definitely an alternative for Egyptian towels. Turkish towels are affordable compared to Egyptian towels. Thus, Turkish towels are also used in various hotels, gyms etc.

How can you tell a good quality towel?

A towel of high quality feels much heavier than it does and will be much more absorbent in turn. High quality depends on the GSM of the towel. Higher the GSM its quality will be good. The heavier the weight of the towel is, the more it will be absorbent and the more it will feel luxurious.

Should I get white bath towels?

It is generally observed that in hotels most preferred colour is a white bath towel. Since you can bleach and scald them, they are presumably more sanitary.

Why are Turkish towels so good?

These Turkish towels are thin, thus they dry in the air fast. A lightweight final product that has super absorbent properties is created by the threads used in the Turkish towels. Turkish towels are extremely sturdy and very durable.

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