About Us

The  Vision

We are passionate to deliver leading and innovative solutions. We believe in enhancing people’s lives and respecting our planet. Montac Lifestyle is aiming to provide Innovative and Intelligent product ranges at an affordable cost. We don’t compromise the quality of the products. We increase the volume of business with a more satisfied customer base.

The Mission

Montac Lifestyle understands the responsibility that comes with aspiring to be the best. We focus on the development of intelligent fabrics with eco-friendly processes. It helps society to upgrade the lifestyle with the best innovations. We pledge our support to ethical trade movements. As a result, we are gaining the trust to maintain long-term customer relations.


Quality Policy

At Montac, each batch is tested for required parameters at approved certification labs. The management is fully committed to provide resources and to comply with all requirements needed for fulfillment and continuous improvement of the quality management system. Quality culture shall be created throughout the organization through the training and motivation of the people at all levels.

Complete Textile Solution

Montac deals with intelligent effects on Textiles (Medical textiles) and Lifestyle products. A dedicated team of Technical experts, Textile Engineers, and doctors are doing continuous innovations in the field of Medical textiles and lifestyle products. Continuous R&D projects based on current market demands make “MONTAC” as a Unique across the globe.

Worldwide Presense

We “Montac” exports to countries like Srilanka, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and the UK.